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What is MISTDO?

MISTDO is a basic training scheme developed by the department of petroleum resources to act as a safeguard against risks and injury occurrences. It stands for Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations and is a requirement for ALL personnel in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. It was launched as a major component of the Safety Audit Clearance policy with the aim of creating a safer working environment from top to bottom


The high rate of incidents caused by personnel in the downstream sector have been a cause for concern for decades. This high frequency of incidents often results in loss of lives, destruction of infrastructure and environmental pollution has spurred the need for a more conscious and intentional approach to be taken towards sensitizing personnel about the best safety practices in the industry. Data suggests that a lot of these incidents are as a result of a poor safety culture and therefore an inflow of resources into this segment can go a long way in reversing these negative statistics.

Objectives of MISTDO

  • Enforce safety training requirements in the downstream sector.
  • Increase awareness in safety and risks associated with operations in the sector.
  • Improve knowledge and general competence level in the sector.
  • Standardize basic safety training requirements for personnel across the sector.
  • Serve as a reference or guide for prospective trainees in basic safety.
  • Provide a platform to effectively monitor and regulate basic safety training activities in the sector.

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